Coaching church leaders

Our coaches' experience of church leadership

When Alison Bennett of Fly Higher Coaching is  not coaching in a professional sense, you will find her busy in her other role of Church Leader. This gives her practical every day experience of leadership which she believes enables her to be a more effective Leadership Coach, especially for those in a church or ministry setting.   


In the spring of 2009, she helped launch Kingfisher Church  which was a new congregation 'planted' by the parish church of St Thomas in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. This congregation has since met in a local primary school each Sunday, and worked together with a common sense of 'calling' to minister to the people living in the new housing areas on the east side of the town.  

Alison comments that 'this pioneering ministry has been both enjoyable and incredibly challenging.over the last few years. There have been exciting highs and disappointing lows, alongside the requirement for consistent & effective delivery of church services and ministries that meet the needs of the church congregation and wider commnunity. Many leadership lessons have been learnt along the way and no experience is wasted! '

One-to-one coaching

The need for skilled, motivated and resilient church leaders, who can navigate in an ever-changing and increasingly complex environment, has never been higher.


Church Leadership can be very challenging and, at times, a lonely place to be! It's physically, emotionally and spiritually demanding, and others around can frequently have high (if not impossible!) expectations; however, it can also be exciting with many opportunities to fulfill life's calling and impact positively on the lives of those around you.  Sometimes in their demanding roles, church leaders need the opportunity to reflect, take stock, find new ways forward and re-energise and Fly Higher Coaching provides skilled coaches who can support this process.


We typically work with church leaders over a series of confidential one-to-one sessions (face-to-face or via  using communication media like SKYPE), providing a constructive and supportive space to unpack issues and plan new ways forward.


We draw on 'best practice coaching approaches developed over years of coaching practice in both secular and church organisations and will agree overtly how the spiritual content of sessions will be best expressed to meet the particular needs of the leader.

Conflict Resolution and Mediation

Conflict in the church, between people who profess to be followers of Jesus, can cause great sadness and damage the witness and ministry of the church.


Conflict that isn't addressed swiflty and becomes entrenched, or conflict that is particularly complex and emotional, may be very difficult for leaders within a church congregation to deal with. Remaining impartial is important to support people to find a resolution, but this can also be a challenge in some circumstances.


Fly Higher Coaching's team of coaches are specialists in Conflict Coaching and are highly trained and experienced mediators. We provice mediation services  for two parties or groups in church settings and can provide advice and guidance on Conflict matters.