Coach/Mentoring skills

Do your staff need to

- Understand how coach/ mentoring can release potential, drive performance & transform relationships?

- Experience coach / mentoring for themselves to be convinced if its potential?    

- Know more about coach / mentoring principles, approaches & models and how to apply them in their setting?

- Develop coach / mentoring skills and approaches?

- Build the confidence & motivation to take forward their coach / mentoring?


Our coach / mentoring skills workshops provide

- The knowledge and understanding needed to start on an effective coach / mentoring journey

- An opportunity to observe a 'live' coach / mentoring session

- An exploration of personal strengths &  behavioural characteristics 

- An opportunity to practice skills and approaches in a safe & postive environment with feedback

- The encourgement and motivation to get going!


Content is tailored to fit the needs of the group and can be delivered as half day, full day or two day programmes.

Coping with Change

Are your staff

- Experiencing a major organisational change?

- In need of a positive opportunity to reflect on their personal response to the changes around them?

- Requiring practical coping strategies to enable a greater level of personal resilience in the face of change?

-  Keen to have tools that can help them manage themselves and others in times of uncertainity?


Our 'Coping with Change' workshops provide

- An opportunity for staff to step back from the everyday pressures of the workplace and focus on themselves

- An exploration of the personal impact of change and how team members can support each other

- Valuable tools to build understanding and resilience

- Momentum to move forward in a positive direction


Does your Board, team or project group need  

- A clear & managed structure to enable them to fully explore complex issues and agree direction?

- Support to enable all members to make a full & valuable contribution?

- Assistance in managing interpersonal conflict that is jeopodising effective decision making?

- Increased pace  & energy when it comes to decision making and taking action?


We provide professional facilitation that   

- Saves time spent in unproductive meetings & endless discussions that lead nowhere

- Leads to clear, well considered decisions & outcomes that group members can support

 -Adds structure, direction, pace & energy to meetings

- Allows members of the group to focus on content rather than meeting structure & process