Ways of working

Our approach and processes are tailored to the requirements of each individual client. However, whilst valuing a creative and flexible approach , we regularly access tried and tested coaching methods and resources. We actively engage sponsors in the coaching process whilst strictly maintaining client confidentiality by:

  • Agreeing a clear coaching brief or contract with the client and sponsor prior to the commencement of the coaching relationship
  • Seeking ongoing feedback on our coaching practice from both clients and their sponsors and adapting as required
  • Providing an evaluation of coaching progress and outcomes to the sponsor at the midpoint and the end of a coaching relationship
  • Integrating coaching outcomes with established learning practices in the organisation where possible

We typically use assessment and feedback (e.g. 360˚ feedback, direct observation of behaviour, relevant psychometric tests) to support coaching. The exact nature and anticipated benefits of these are discussed and agreed with the client and sponsor. We encourage ‘structured reflection’ and ‘Personal Development planning’ as powerful learning tools and typically introduce (or reinforce practice) clients to these as part of our coaching practice.